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Mix & Match: 5 precious bedroom ideas

When, as a professional or amateur decorator you have overcome the obsessive-compulsive tendency to colour-coordinate and match materials, you reach the realm of calm, unencumbered creativity.

Step away from that matching set of bed+nightstand+wardrobe and follow us in this mix & match series of design objects we discovered and thought would work lovely together, adding sophistication and diversity to your space.

The worldly Scandinavian

This gorgeous double bed looks natural and airy, elevated on the slim, tapered mid-century style legs.
Its fresh, native simplicity is delicately underpinning the hexagon relief carved in the wooden headboard, giving your mornings and evenings a Holiday-in-Bergen feel all year round.

What can´t be missing from a morning in the North is the cozy touch of a Scandinavian rug under your toes. An elegant and understated carpet in simple patches of soft cream, mist blue, rich ochre is a perfect choice. Fringes? Yes, please.

If you share a room with your significant other, you can rarely avoid disagreements in style.
Also, the modern spirit tends to reject symmetry. So how about mismatched bedside lights?
Tom Dixon´s Beat Light Wide, black with gold interior, suspended lamp adds a touch of glamour to her nightstand, counterpointed by the Hemingway-esque workmanlike look of a Bauhaus style black scissor lamp on his side. Or the other way around, as I´d have it.


Since I have an expensive love of crafty cabinets, I have to top the composition with an Art Deco style 3-drawer cabinet from Mango wood dyed black, featuring brass inlays in a filigree hexagon pattern (wink, wink bed board). May you one day come together indeed, dear works of art.

Photo: maisons du monde

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